How To Maintain Alternative Style While Pregnant

You have always dressed the way you wanted to. You have this thing for the alternative style. But now that you are pregnant, you think that it's difficult to keep in sync with your personal style. Dear lovely soon-to-be moms out there, while you enjoy being capable of bringing the love of your life into the world, you can also enjoy flaunting your alternative look! Here is how, you can manage it.

Over-sized Tank Tops

union Jack Heart Print Long Vest Tank Top

In order to maintain your personal alternative taste, you can buy some over-sized women's tank tops. Over-sized and stretchy tops will be comfortable to wear during your pregnancy period. Tank tops with bold alternative prints are available in many different prints and colours at Blue Magik and you can easily buy online. Funky alternative prints with skulls or zombie will interest you.

Alternative Accessories

During your pregnancy period finding perfect alternative clothes gets difficult. In this case you can accessorise your look with jewellery pieces that have alternative flair.

Sport Flowy Dresses

Zodiac Alternative Printed Skater Dress

Add some flowy dress to your wardrobe to wear during your pregnancy period. Flowy dresses give an extra room for your growing tummy. Dresses available at Blue Magik, a punk clothing outlet, can be great options when you want to flaunt your alternative style.

Alternative Flats

During pregnancy try avoiding heels and let all your footwear be flats. It's not difficult to search for alternative style flats in the market. Look for the ones you would love to slip into.

Bottoms That Rest Below The Waistline

Banned Black High Waisted 50s 70s Flared Trousers

Your low-rise trousers will come in handy during your pregnancy period. You can buy stretchy jeans but that can only be of use for a few months. So, better to take out the old pants; you can wear your low-rise pants with alternative print tunic tops.

Layered Look

You can opt for a layered look to hide your baby bump. During summer season a shrug will do the job and during winter season, wear coats and jackets. This way you can add layers and hide the bump if you are not comfortable with it.

Tunic Tops

Halloween Print Long Vest Top

Tunic tops are perfect for the pregnancy period. The extra long length is ideal to hide cover the tummy area. Explore alternative clothing ideas at Blue Magik online.

Maxi Dresses

Ivy & Cross Pattern Black & Red Gothic Long Dress

Maxi dresses are for those who want to flaunt their baby bump and show off their pregnancy. They look nice if you can carry them with aplomb.

Broad Belts

A belt can accentuate your look. The same is true when you are pregnant. You can tie a belt just above the bump and flaunt the beauty of being pregnant.

Short Dresses As Tank Tops

Disco Galaxy Long Sleeve Fit & Flared Skater Dress

During this period you can use your old short dresses as make-shift tops. They will look good and you don't have to spend money in buying new clothes.

So all moms-to-be, enjoy flaunting your alternative look and dress the way you had always liked to dress even during your pregnancy period.


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